Male Chastity

Chastity Newbie Feels My Control For The First Time

Do you all remember your very first night in chastity, when it wasn’t you that was in control?

Last night was exactly that for someone who is utilising my Keyholding service.  It was his first night ever where he did not have control of the keys.  They were in a lockbox that only I had the combination to, therefore I was the one with control of his chastity.  A very powerful thought to those who have not experienced it.

From asking questions about how it could work in the chatroom to purchasing a week of keyholding and locking I think took less than an hour.  He knew he wanted this and was ready to jump in the deep end, which he did and managed the whole night.

I think it can be something easily forgotten by those who have become used to male chastity.  That first time when you are not in control, the raw fear that you will not get the key/combination when you were expecting it.  The sheer joy of knowing that you no longer have control and there are no guarantees.  What if the net goes down and you can’t get the email?  What if the key gets lost in the post?  What if you have irked Mistress so she decides to keep you locked longer?  The adrenaline rush is I think probably like no other, that most precious of man bits, no longer in your control.

To take your first steps into giving up the control by doing it at night, going a whole night, knowing I will be sleeping and only when I awaken do you have any chance of unlocking must have been such a rush and a crushing fear.  It really makes me feel very powerful and is a rush for me also, that power, that fear, that all encompassing focus on me.  I love it.

So welcome to my world my new chaste male, I look forward to helping you explore it.