Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Search for a Keyholder

I understand that chastity is a very hot fantasy for a number of you guys out there.  The thought of having it all locked up tight, only allowed out if your Keyholder says so is a bit of a buzz.  I obviously get that, I get a bit of a buzz when I am holding keys.  However I have noticed something over the past while regarding the single male and their search for a keyholder.

Most females who are not professional and know of or take part in this lifestyle are introduced to it by a male.  Therefore most are taken, attached, with someone etc.

I have however seen many plantive cries from guys looking for that perfect keyholder, one who enjoys this lifestyle, will lock them up and keep them on their toes.  It is almost the holy grail of chastity and it doesn’t look like getting easier any time soon.

Obviously this is only my personal opinion however, let me tell you why I think you will have a problem gentlemen.

Most of the posts on various sites I have seen have two things in common, they are looking for a female to lock them up and said female must be in it because she enjoys it.  Not for profit or such but just for enjoyment.  Sounds perfectly feasible so far, then you get the next stages.

So you have found a female who says she is willing to lock you up,  you are ecstatic and get ready to fall under her spell.

Only it’s not quite what you imagined, what happened to the verification demands, the teasing, the constant state of arousal, the texts, the emails, the proof of her power, the proof of your giving control to her?

You have to remember, you have been thinking about this fantasy for some time probably and to expect a female to follow your fantasy script?   Hmmm sounds more like a session with a dominatrix to me than a caring relationship.

So a word to the wise gentlemen.  When you put out a request for a keyholder on a site and say that she should enjoy it and not be in it for the money.  Just what is she going to enjoy?  Making your fantasy come true is not really a selling point.

Why would someone want to choose you, from all those others looking to be locked, how will you make your keyholder feel special?  When you have that clear then you will have a better chance of finding a genuine keyholder.