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Female First Impressions Of Male Chastity

Male chastity has been promoted as an ideal situation for the female in a relationship.  It focuses the attention on the female as the chaste male endeavours to cope with sensations of orgasm denial.

When I first read of male chastity I thought all my Christmases and Birthdays had come at once.  What female couldn’t fail to enjoy such a kink where their pleasure and enjoyment becomes the main focus of the male’s attentions.

It’s something of the romantic dream churned out by the romance novels in their millions.  For all 50 Shades Of Grey was heralded as a breakthrough for the kink world, it still is a basic love story with some spanking thrown in.  This was what chastity seemed to promise, an attentive and loving man, eager to please and more understanding of our needs as females.

Now almost a year into my chastity journey I have noticed a few changes.  Certainly in the online world of male chastity.  The forums devoted to this kink have now lost a number of Mistress contributors.  Or if they are still there, they are not posting on the forums.  Why is that you would wonder when there are so many males interested in male chastity.  Well let me tell you.

Look at any forum and there are some very basic posts being repeated over and over – how long have you been locked, discussion about devices and requests for suggestions for teases. As a Mistress, none of these are conversations I will be participating in.  Especially the teases one, why would I give you my ideas so you can get excited about them?

So really there is nothing to interest a Mistress in what seems to be the main topics of discussion on male chastity forums.  Even if a Mistress does post, it doesn’t take long until the post is drowned in the cacophony of locking and devices.

This is one of the main reasons I started my own forum, there is no gallery for guys to get excited over pictures of other guys locked up.  There is no vulgarity or crude language.  There is a chatroom so people can come and chat and see that male chastity is only a part of life and although a big part, it is not only who we are.

So gentlemen, if you are interested in male chastity, look to what impression you are giving the ladies looking for information.  The way most of the sites are looking at the moment, you are more liable to scare away any prospective ladies than have them looking for more information.