Male Chastity

Chastity Fun

Isn’t it fabulous when it is time for some chastity fun?  I have been here for a few days now and we have spent a lot of time in preparation, buying new toys, ensuring things are up to date so we have time to ourselves.

Tonight is the night for some chastity fun I think.  He is locked, I have cuffs, chains, locks, flogger, whip, deep heat, toothpaste, ice and imagination.  Somehow I think this is going to be a fun night.

It is so nice to be able to spend time together when there is no expectation of chastity fun, just an underlying belief that when it happens it will be because we are both ready and willing for it to happen.

Granted I may need to play nursemaid by the end of the night as he recovers, however I am sure I can manage that for a little while. The thoughts of him writhing under my control are more than enough to ensure my caring and compassion for the drop that will inevitably occur.

It may seem strange to some that we have waited so long to play this game, let me assure you this is the perfect time.  No pressure on either party,  just a whole lot of anticipation and enjoyment for both.

Now as he has very little idea of what awaits him tonight, I shall go now and leave this post for him to find.  It should take him little over 30 mins max.  By which time everything will be set and he will be at my mercy.

Chastity fun?  Oh you know it will be, what makes it even more delicious is that he has no idea it is coming, I will of course be sitting opposite him when he reads this post and can watch the realisation hit as he is then commanded to go to the bedroom to await his fate.

Have a good night all, I know I certainly will.