Mistress Jules Musings

Quick Update

It’s that time again, I am back home in Scotland and ready to play with all you lovely gentlemen who would like me to take charge of your chastity.

Although I have just found out that the padlock that was supposed to be posted after my departure is still here.  Note to self – never trust teens to do what you ask when you are not standing over them with a big stick.

So what is happening in the MJKH world you may wonder?  Well tonight is Club night, through to Glasgow to attend my favourite fetish club and hopefully play with some naughty boys.  I have a new whip to practice with, a 3ft snake whip, so I don’t think anyone would want me to be using that until I know what I am doing.  Including me, as messing about with it has caused some self harming issues, it is not a gentle toy shall we say.

My computer has now been given a service, let’s not ask how many issues it had.  Just know that I hung my head in shame when I found out how bad it was.  Now however it is back to being bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to help me in my quest for more Male Chastity.

So, I shall go off now and post the late padlock, apologies for that.  Then I shall go check on everyone and make sure they are all holding on well.

Have fun everyone and look out for another post later today.