Mistress Jules Musings

Mistress Jules Returns

It seems such a long time since I have been sitting in my little corner with my laptop and cup of tea musing on what to do with my chaste males.

For those who missed it earlier, I have recently been in London for almost two weeks then the day after my return headed off to my favourite fet club.  I should have known better, yesterday was just a mass of tiredness and recovery.

However I am back in the saddle so to speak from today and looking forward to spending lots of time on my chastity and domination activities.

My wonderful valet has suffered greatly with my absence, feeling all at sea without the normal regular contact.  I am sure others have noted my absence also.  I do apologise for that sudden disappearance however when the opportunity to spend 10 days with your chastity slave appears, then it would be silly not to take it and savour the devotion.

It is a wonderful situation doing all sorts of vanilla activities when you know that underneath the respectable facade he is locked and chaste for my pleasure.  Knowing that underneath that shirt he is wearing in the restaurant his back carries welts from my ministrations earlier that day. I do love such things and am looking forward to helping more of you enjoy that feeling of my control.

Remember you may now feel my control on a professional basis, locked or not.  Visit www.mistressjules.com to see what is available, if there is something else you are interested in then why not email me?  I am happy to see if I can accommodate your desires.

Now I am off to check on a cctv set up to ensure I can keep an eye on my valet, I think he may be a bit nervous about giving me the ability to watch him in his daily life.  I think it is a delightful thought, don’t you?