Male Chastity

Chastity Change Can Be Good

Sometimes no matter how much you enjoy male chastity, the effort just seems too much to bear.   Whether it is visitors coming to the house, holidays away, new job, new child, new partner, any and all of these can have a detrimental effect on the choices made for a lifestyle to include male chastity.

For some this could be a make or break situation, for others it will just be a bump on the road.

Although the thought of a 24/7 chastity lifestyle is for a lot of us the ultimate, even when we get there things can happen that knock us off track.  How we deal with these things can make a huge difference to our future chastity adventures.

So if things change which impact your exciting chastity lifestyle then take a breath and look at it objectively.  It doesn’t neccessarily mean that things have to end, just that they need to change.  There may be more excitement in the changes than you first thought.