BDSM, Male Chastity


Discipline comes in many forms. It is as individual as the person giving or receiving.  For some discipline needs to be harsh and physical for them to meet their desires. For others it is slightly more subtle, less physical and more mental.  Whatever your preference, discipline can stretch out a simple task into something much more.

Male chastity has many ways of incorporating discipline.  Whether it is the actual wearing of a device, a denial of orgasm or a punishment, all incorporate different forms.  The length of time you wear the device, the mental challenge of wanting to orgasm whilst at the same time wanting not to, the possibility of physical chastisement from your keyholder for failure.

All of these come into the thoughts of any male thinking about practicing male chastity.  Some possibly make him very excited and probably more than a little turned on.  The best thing I can advise gentlemen is a little self discipline to start.

Many times I have been contacted by someone desperate for me to take their keys, only then will he be able to truly feel he is in chastity etc etc.  It doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes the click of that lock, knowing the keys are with me many miles away can start off a chain reaction and before they know it they are in full blown panic mode.  Discipline goes out the window and out come the bolt cutters.

There have also been those who wish to play, their dreams of being whipped or caned by a Mistress become all encompassing.  All very good but if they have never experienced this before, dreams are very far from reality.  It hurts, it hurts a lot, it is not a gentle pain on the most part, it is searing and white hot.  A lot of the time, by the second stroke all self discipline has gone out the window to be replaced by writhing and begging for it to end.

So some self discipline gentlemen, learn what it is you want and ensure that if I offer to give it to you, that I am not going to be wasting my time.