Male Chastity

So You Want A Keyholder?

So you want a Keyholder?  Someone strict and sadistic who will have you begging for release?

I am pretty sure I could help with that, however there are some things I can’t help with.

As a female, my brain works in a female manner, yes I can be sadistic and cruel but it is normally in a way that benefits me.  Whether it is from your attentions or because I am getting you to do something for me.

I have noticed that on some sites there are a number of keyholders who have particular attributes.  They are cruel and sadistic indeed however their methods are rather different to those I would employ.

They know the male psyche very well and those guys just love begging for attention and being given those tasks to complete for their “Mistress/Keyholder”.

Unfortunately most of the time it is not a “Mistress” it is a guy pretending.

So as a public service here is my take on being able to tell the difference.

As a female I love it when guys show their devotion to me, mainly by suffering for my pleasure.  Whether through chastity, spending money, being frustrated etc it is all for my pleasure and I generally gain something from it.

Asking some guy to lock himself away is always good in my book, however the constant anal pleasure or humiliation of some tasks I have seen recently makes me wonder.

It seems that there are more than a few guys out there who crave these things, I would say they are not something a female would think of even in a D/s relationship, certainly when they first become a Keyholder.

Basically it comes down to, if all your fantasies about chastity and humiliation are being answered in an online situation, it’s probably a guy.

The male and female brains are wired differently when it comes to sexual pleasure so if this online persona seems to make all your dreams come true, I would question it.  Unless they have been in the lifestyle for years and are pro domme material, the Keyholders coming from vanilla life and finding this lifestyle are not going to think of these things for a long time.

Sometimes it is enough to have someone who understands what you are looking for.  However I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I am going to be the same as some guy who is pretending to be a female to get his rocks off.

I am a Mistress, what I ask you to do is what I want you to do because it pleases me, not because it pleases you.  If all you are looking for is someone to say lock and then allow you to pleasure yourself in other ways, you really need to look elsewhere and remember, its probably a guy.