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How To Serve Your Mistress

If you are looking to serve then there is a distinction you have to make about your service.

To serve your partner in a domestic situation is by far the easiest.  You know her life and should by now know her likes and dislikes.  To serve an online or professional Mistress is a completely different ballgame and should be seen as such.

In the domestic setting it is easy to make a cup of tea, offer a foot rub, take out the trash or just generally help make life a bit easier for your partner.  In a distance or online setting it is a bit more difficult to serve.  Especially with the different thought process that are those of male and female brains.

It is very difficult to know how to please someone when you don’t particularly know them that well.  So here are a few pointers on things you can do to serve/please your online/distance Mistress

Keep checking the wishlist.  Sometimes there are small things that give you an insight.  If you are lucky enough to have a postal address then send something you know she enjoys that is not on the wishlist.

If you know she is driving for a while and listens to the radio, put a request for her.  Obviously don’t use the title Mistress or the radio station will certainly not mention it.

Write a letter, even if you have to scan and email it, it is a very personal thing to do.

Blog online, whether on a forum or start your own blog, if you are having fun why not let the world know.  Remember not to make it too detailed, some of us prefer an air of mystery about us.

If your Mistress goes to clubs or events, why not contact them and arrange a small surprise.  You could prepay drinks or have flowers waiting.

If your Mistress deals with a particular supplier for certain goods and publicly acknowledges them then you could arrange for something to be supplied as a surprise.  Just be careful that she is known to them by her Mistress name or that you give them some way of contacting her to let her know of your gift.

If you know the area your Mistress stays in and you know she is having a hard day, why not order a meal from a takeaway and arrange a name for it to be picked up under.  Remember to contact your Mistress first to ensure she is in the area and able to pick it up.

These are just some ideas of things you can do to serve that show you are not seeing your Mistress as a purely sexual entity, you are seeing her as a person.  This makes a huge difference into how appreciated your Mistress will feel.  Offering to come to her home and clean naked really isn’t much use if she has children or lives in a small town now is it? Noticing she has had a hard day and trying to ease that burden is something she will remember and appreciate.

If your Mistress is a Pro Domme, then I am sure she will have let you know how you may provide service so this is probably a tad superflous to your needs.

Good luck gentlemen, I hope you and your Mistress enjoy these ideas.