Male Chastity

Chastity Denial

Isn’t it exciting, when you find this wonderful world of chastity and you start to work out all those rules and regulations as to when you eventually may be allowed to cum?

So how do you decide, or is it your Keyholder that decides for you?  Is it by numbers, do you use a formula or a dice?  There are so many different ways of deciding and each and every one of you thinking of male chastity has your own ideas as to how you want your denial to be handled.

I have spoken to people who use dice, marbles, behaviour etc there are so many possibilities I could probably have a whole section on the forum for them, oh wait, I do already ha ha.

I suppose the question here is what would you prefer as your guidelines for chastity denial?  Would you prefer it was all down to chance or would you rather have the chance that your behaviour could influence the decision?  Would you be able to bet it all on the roll of a dice?  Do you prefer the thought that your actions could increase and therefore decrease your chances?

What about your Keyholder?  Do they have the time and the inclination to invent or support a complicated, days added or days removed plan or are they more spur of the moment?  I know I am very much spur of the moment.  The time and effort required to set up and maintain a system of plus and minus is to me like another set of househould financials, not how I would want to be spending time.

I do however understand that the excitement and anticipation of planning a system can keep some of you lucky chaste males occupied for days if not weeks. Why not let us know on the forum how you manage to obtain permission for enjoying that release of orgasm, or do you?