Mistress Jules Musings

Club DV8 Edinburgh

In my quest for fun and frolics of the kinky kind, I attended Club DV8 in Edinburgh this month.  I had no intention of playing as such (although my floggers were in my handbag) more just a visit to find out where it was and what was available.

Based in a club in the centre of Edinburgh the entrance is just enough off the beaten path to give a feeling of seclusion which is nice.  There was a gentleman on the door who seemed a bit worried about our pretty vanilla outward appearance.  One flash of the corset under my jacket and he knew we were in the right place.

The staff were very friendly ensuring we knew about the different areas and chatting happily about the club.

DV8 is as I said based in a club so any equipment has been brought in for the occasion.  There is an area where there is a dancefloor with a DJ booth in the corner, then as you go through into the areas further back you begin to see a spanking bench or two.  In the main area at the back there were two St Andrews crosses and an area for rope and mild suspension play along with more spanking benches.

With lots of seating areas this is definitely a fabulous place to socialise with other like minded kinky folk.  There was some play going on by the time we had to leave.  The club is open until 3am however we had to leave early due to work and pet commitments.  I am presuming things were just warming up when we had to leave.

All in all a good night with friendly people and a nice atmosphere.  Ohh and the night we were there we got Birthday cake as the club was celebrating it’s 11th Birthday.  So the buffet and cake we enjoyed may not be available when you go to visit.