Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Getting What I Need

Real life chastity mean many different things to many different people.

How long you are locked, the extent to which your keyholder gets involved, whether you have a keyholder.

With Lockit here with me things are a little different.  There are no rules as to when he is locked and when he is not.  It all depends on my mood and whether I want to have him locked or not.

What I have found in recent months is that sometimes it doesn’t matter what I want, sometimes I need to have Lockit locked.

I need to know that he is under my control, that I am absolutely in charge and he does this to please me.  Sometimes it is because I have an important event and I want to know that he is thinking of me.  Sometimes a crisis of confidence on my part if I am doing something new means that he needs to be locked, because if I can command that then I can command anything.  There are other times when he is locked just for my pleasure.

It really doesn’t matter whether he is locked or unlocked, Lockit is mine no matter the circumstances.  However there are some moments when I need that extra knowledge, that extra power and control, just because.

It is wonderful to know that at those moments, I can get what I need, without question.