Male Chastity

Almost A Year

It’s been almost a year since I found this wonderful world of male chastity.  In that time kink has become a major part of my life and my social life is now pretty much kink based.

One of the biggest gains from this is the relationship with Lockit.

Who would have thought that when I offered a free padlock all those months ago that I would end up with my very own chastity slave, who has now become so much more.

Over time I have learned when it is good for him to be locked and when it is not.  His profession necessitates a safety first attitude to Chastity and I am happy that we are now working things in a way that we both find to be very fulfilling.  Although I still seem to be able to keep him on his toes with some surprises.

My valet has been working very hard both to please me but also professionally.  This has shown me that even although a strict and demanding Mistress is what we both desire, sometimes real life has to be considered otherwise burn out can become a real issue.

Over time I have had various people locked for my pleasure and intend to keep this option open along with that of Professional Domination in Glasgow.  I simply cannot explain just how much I am enjoying this new world.

I started this blog as a record of my journey, to help others who are new to this world and allow them to see how I have found my way to where I am today.

At the beginning I certainly never envisaged that I would be a professional Mistress who enjoys so much more than just Male Chastity.  The initial blog has grown to encompass a forum and chatroom, I have some very special gentlemen with whom I developed relationships in various ways.

I have gone from being nice and forgiving to a much more demanding and controling style of Mistress over this time frame.  I do hope you enjoy keeping up with my story, I am sure it is going to keep being a fun one.