A Night To Remember

A few weeks ago, I went to a club in Glasgow for the culmination of 4 months of messaging, getting to know each other and anticipation.

What started as a message sent in error, on my part, ended up as an evening of fun and frolics and some unexpected observations.

I sent a message thanking a gentleman for his enthusiastic help with one of my local fet group members when we had attended a club night the evening before.  Relying on said fet group member for the knowledge of his name on Fetlife.  She got it wrong and I sent the message to a complete stranger.  One with an interesting profile however, which I was very thankful for as I was writing an apology to him the next day.

We got chatting as you do and discovered that there may be a basis for some playing as we were both interested in new experiences. I wanted to use a snake whip, not something for the faint of heart.  Normally on the giving end of things, he thought this may be an interesting experience, especially as I was not looking for him to be submissive, just a willing accomplice.

After working out dates and expectations we agreed on  a time and place and the wheels were set in motion.

We met in Glasgow and had a meal and got to know each other a little better.  It cannot have been easy for him sitting chatting, knowing that soon he was to be naked and attached to a St Andrews Cross in a club.

I am under no illusions that this was not an easy step to take, especially for someone meeting me for the first time.  At the club we settled in and spent some more time chatting between ourselves and with other people as we began to relax.

It took some time but eventually we both felt comfortable enough to venture to our first scene.  As he prepared himself for that first naked encounter I realised just how big a step this was, to leave himself so vulnerable in public.  That first scene wasn’t really what I had hoped for, however it got us to a good place for further play as he learned my ways and I learned his.

It is very different when you go to play and make a connection, every move, every sound, every contact is linked between the two of you.  As we played more, we got more involved and better able to give each other what we needed.  It seems I have some sadistic tendencies.

He became “my nude”  mine to mark and blemish, mine to torment and punish in equal measure.  I learned about the snake whip, I learned more about the cane.  We played, we connected and in the end we had reached a place that I don’t think either of us expected.

Unfortunately someone broke our scene at the end, which was rather irritating, to have gotten to that place and be rudely interrupted was rather irksome to say the least.

Who would have thought that a message to the wrong person could have ended up with a night to remember.