Keyholding Style Changes

Isn’t it strange how things change?  It has taken me a while to sort out my thoughts on this one so bear with me as it may not come out just exactly as I mean it to.

When I first started being a Keyholder, I was happy to be quite a lenient Keyholder, understanding and not cruel just for the sake of it.  Over time this seems to have changed quite considerably.

I have had control of various keys in the last year and most of the time I have been accommodating and not especially strict.  However I noticed when Lockit last came to visit that I was not nearly as lenient, he was locked and stayed locked most of the time.  Another who bought a padlock has been locked for some time now also, although not for much longer.  He seemed to think it was easy to be locked when someone else held the key, I am pretty sure he doesn’t think that any more.

I seem to have grown into my role as I have learned from many different chaste males about their wants and desires.  Not many of which meld with my own, there are however enough to keep me happy and enthused in this role of Keyholder.

I have to say I am pretty shocked at how quickly I seem to have dismissed the leniency with the desire for someone to be locked 24/7.  I never have a definitive unlock date however, unless there is something very important, then there will be no unlocking.

No more nice Mistress Jules, no more unlocking just because you are struggling.  Oh no, if you are locked for me then you stay locked 24/7 until I say you can unlock.  That is only unlock remember, that doesn’t mean you can have an orgasm.

Even writing this has me smiling, I think I may be in a new stage in my journey, I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me.