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Service Or Pleasure?

Service Or Pleasure?

Which is it?

I have read many posts where guys say they are servicing their Mistress/Wife/Keyholder, alluding to giving some sexual attention.

It worries me that attention being paid to your significant female is seen as a service.  I should have thought this would have been a pleasure.  I certainly don’t expect to be serviced as if I am some sort of brood mare and the male in the equation is there to provide this service impersonally.

I would hope that if you are called to attend to your significant female in a sexual or sensual manner that there would be pleasure in this for both of you.  That you would be personally invested in giving the greatest possible pleasure which allows for your desire to grow and your frustration to mount.  Isn’t that after all what you desire from Male Chastity?

No female wishes to be treated as an object, however I am seeing more and more posts about Male Chastity where the female is only seen as a means to an end.  Less consideration seems to be given to her needs and wants than there is given to getting the male fantasies and desires met as quickly as possible.

“How can I get my Keyholder to….”   “Help Me Explain To My Wife…..”  “My Partner Is Not……..”  All these posts and many like them are based on the male getting his chastity fantasy, very little consideration is given to helping the female in the equation understand and enjoy Male Chastity.

So gentlemen, if you are looking for a true Male Chastity experience, I would advise thinking “Pleasure” not “Service.