Mistress Jules Musings

My Way

This site is run by a female.  A genuine female involved in genuine Male Chastity.  I am happy to welcome everyone to this site, however there are a couple of things I would like to make clear before you start posting.

I am not interested in your fantasies, feel free to ask questions, or let us know what you are hoping for but that is as far as it goes.  This site is not a place for wank fodder or for you to get your rocks off as you fantasise about what if.

Also, I am in no way going to be allowing posts that are all about topping from the bottom and how a partner/keyholder is not doing what you expect so you will just manipulate things to get what you want.

Guess what?

Not on my site.

Male chastity is about the female being in control, this is my site, I am in control.  I am also in control of my chastity relationship and many other things.

Do not for one moment think you may come onto my site and start behaving like a lout or post derogatory comments.

You want a strong and dominant female?  There is one right here and I run this site the way I run my life.  My way!

So if you want to fantasise, there are plenty other sites where fantasy is the norm.  You want to enjoy reality and how things work in day to day life when Male Chastity is included then feel free to join us here.

That is all.