Male Chastity

Keyholder Of Choice

When you have your chastity fantasies, does it make a difference as to who your keyholder of choice might be?  Do you see them as male or female?

I ask as there seems to be a shortage of genuine female keyholders but there are so many guys now interested in Male chastity that surely there could be some mutual keyholding.  In some ways that could very well be better for the chaste male as a male keyholder is more likely to be open to his desires from the outset as his would probably be similar.

There are of course some instances where this is already happening as I am sure you know and if all parties are knowledgeable about each others gender and preferences then all is good.

Where there can be problems is when a keyholder puts themself forward as female but they are however male taking on a female persona for that purpose.  That is I feel cruel and uneccessary and not the sort of interaction that is helpful.  I am sure if it is acknowledged from the outset that someone is male but will be using a female persona then some will be happy with that.

Where I think it possibly becomes something desireable is when tasks and teases are involved.  Males are more likely to know what other males desire, more likely to use sexual acts as teases and tasks and push things very quickly.  Why not, they are both in it for sexual enjoyment and that would certainly be happening pretty much from the outset.  As opposed to the female keyholders, who if they are genuine are probably a lot less harsh or sexually orientated.

So gentlemen, who do you see when you close your eyes and fantasise about your keyholder of choice?