Male Chastity

Birthday Lockdown

It’s getting closer now.  That is the first of the padlocks sent out for my Birthday lockdown.  Why not join us?

We are celebrating my first year of being a keyholder.  My first lock was on 26th October last year, why not join us this year in celebrating.

Anyone looking to be locked for a while and have someone else in control of the key is welcome to join in.  All you have to do is purchase a padlock from my site, I will send it out to you with no keys.  Then on 26th October it’s the birthday lockdown,you lock yourself in chastity and I will send the keys at a suitable time.  It could be 24hrs later, it could be 48hrs later it could be weeks later, who knows?  It all depends on how you get on with being locked and under my control.

To ensure all the locks safely reach their intended recipent in time for my lockdown, please note that I will not be sending out any after next Wednesday.  So guys, you have a week to get yourself psyched up and in the zone.

Come join Mistress Jules Birthday Lockdown.