Male Chastity


I thought you may be interested to hear about the military operation that is the sending of padlocks.

It is obviously quite a serious matter to send out a padlock with no keys.  The keys must be kept safe and identifiable so when they are to be sent, there is no danger of mistakes being made.

For the Birthday Lockdown there was more than one set of keys to be sent out so preparations had to be made to ensure everything was kept in order.  As Lockit will I am sure agree, my world is not normally very orderly.  However where keys are concerned, it is a whole different ball game.

First I get the padlocks from the local ironmonger, they are Abus padlocks with two keys.  I have used others but these are a good make and supporting one of my local businesses is always good.

For the posting, I first take one padlock out of it’s packaging, always only one padlock out and on the table at any given time.  I then remove the keys and open up the padlock.

I have some old fashioned wages style envelopes, the small brown ones.  The name and postal address of the recipient are written on the envelope then the keys are sealed inside and the envelope is stored in my dark wood box specially for that purpose.

The padlock is then stuck either with a label or masking tape to keep it open during transit. It would be a disaster to have a padlock arrive inadvertantly locked – just in case you thought you could use that excuse.  A jiffy padded envelope is then used to send the padlock to the recipent, the address is handwritten, there is nothing else ever put on the envelope.  No identification of where it comes from is needed.

Then the whole operation is repeated for the other padlocks, one at a time.  I don’t answer the phone, or look at the computer, it feels like a military operation at the time.  Although I am sure you guys are happy to know that there is great care taken to ensure the right keys are matched to the right person.