Male Chastity

Why I Want You Locked

I want you locked because it pleases me.

To make sure that only when I give permission will you be allowed to enjoy sexual release.

Masturbation, intercourse, blow jobs and more, all of these you will give up for me.  All of these will be controlled not by your urges but by mine.  It will be my decision as to whether you may touch yourself for pleasure or pain.  My decision as to whether you are allowed to enjoy any sexual interaction.

You, well your desires no longer matter, you gave me power over them when you gave me the power to keep you locked up.  You may get frustrated, I understand that it can be quite frustrating to be locked for someone else’s pleasure.  However you gave me that control and I intend to keep it for a while.

To know that you cannot touch your penis, cannot get a full hardon, cannot have sex, cannot wank off, all of this pleases me greatly.  I am fed up of men thinking that anything and everything is there to please them.   From now on you will have to have my permission to enjoy anything sexual.

To be fair, I may allow you some enjoyment, some rubbing of your balls whilst watching porn may be allowed.  I may even send you a personal message so you may listen to my voice, telling you how much I enjoy knowing you are locked for me.

So, why do I want you locked?

It pleases me, it makes me smile and it makes me happy.  The more control I have, the better I feel.  I want you locked and on your knees begging for relief, frustrated and suffering just waiting for permission.

That is why I want you locked – because I can get what I want x