Male Chastity

Lockdown Has Started

Two of my Birthday lockdowns have been in touch and verified that they are locked.

They are now under my control and awaiting my instructions before they may even attempt to unlock.

It seems that both of them thought there would be a finite time to this lockdown.  It seemed such a shame to disabuse them of their lovely plans, however it had to be done.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will remember I am sure, I don’t pre set an unlock date.  My chaste males are unlocked when  I think it is suitable and not before.  So having a pre set date would be silly.

What if you are not ready to be unlocked, what if you are getting bratty because you think that soon you will be free?  What if I just don’t want you unlocked?

Then you will stay locked, for my pleasure.