Mistress Jules Musings

Warning For Using A Mistress Online

Gentlemen, I know you get frustrated and I know when you see a pretty picture and she says she would love to play with you that you mostly lose your sense.  However I feel it is time to put a warning here for you all about some things you should not do.

If you are on a site that is free, ie, MJKH, CM, Fetlife etc and you get chatting to a female then congratulations.  If she then asks you to go to another site where there are subscription fees, alarm bells should start ringing.

If you are speaking on skype or any other video messenger please remember – THE OTHER PARTY CAN RECORD THE SESSION!!  This means that there could now be a video of you which could be used against you.  Just imagine if it was sent to your employer or family.  If the female says their camera is not working this should send more alarm bells ringing.  Basically don’t do webcam unless you have met the person or know they are honourable through others that  have.

Keep the personal details to a minimum, make sure you use an email address that is not your day to day one.  No employers details, no family details, limited location details etc.

A real Pro Domme will have specific prices for sessions, they will not keep asking you for more money, they will not ask you for money to help their family or ask you to pay money to someone else.

Please guys, before you start playing, ensure the person you wish to play with is not going to take advantage.   It can end badly very quickly.