Male Chastity

Locked Again

It’s so nice when someone comes back to be locked again.

As locking is such a personal thing, some will like the way I do things, others probably won’t.  Many times it is the culmination of a lot of fantasy thoughts and it turns out that the reality does not match up to the fantasy.

This is why it is so enjoyable to have someone return to be locked again.  It means they have enjoyed their previous time with me and feel comfortable enough to want to enjoy themselves again.

I am happy to welcome back those I have played with before, it means I can get to know them better which will help to improve their chastity experience.  The more I know the more I can interact in a way that ensures we both have a lot of fun.   Well probably more that I have a lot of fun but that is fine with me.

The first lock with someone new is always edgy for both him and I as we find out what makes each other tick.  That is why someone returning to be locked again is such a great situation, so much more to do as the basics are already known.

So to all of you thinking of being locked, go on, why not have a go.  For those who enjoyed their first time locked with me, I hope to see you soon.