Male Chastity

When Mistress Goes On A Visit

Off I go again.  Not long now till I return to London to visit Lockit again.  He is presently locked and hoping I won’t keep him that way until I get there next month. We shall just have to see how well he behaves.

It is such a rush when Mistress goes on a visit, especially when I have chaste males locked for me.  They immediately start to wonder if they will be staying locked whilst I am away.  How long is Mistress to be gone for?  Will they hear from her whilst she is away?  Will she keep them locked the whole time?  Does that make the key closer or further away?  Will she take the key with her?

All these questions going through their minds, and who knows the answers?  I could probably tell them something that would make them slightly less nervous, but where is the fun in that?

When Mistress goes on a visit it means fun time for all.  I am not a selfish Mistress, I want everyone to enjoy my trip with the same intensity that I do.  If that means that I have to tease just a little then of course I will.

Then of course there are the hours on the train travelling each way.  A bored Mistress is never a good thing, so I always take a small notepad with me in case I have any ideas for new tasks and teases.

Then there is the time I will spend with Lockit, I may try out new things on him, just to check how effective they are.  If he squirms and begs then I know they are going to be fun to try out on my other chaste males.

I am certainly looking forward to my visit to London.  How about you?