Male Chastity

Day To Day Chastity

Day to Day Chastity

It always amazes me how many little changes have to be made for day to day chastity.

One of the most obvious is that for most, you have to sit down to pee. Not that big a deal when you are at home, outside however it can be a minefield. I know us females have almost perfected the hover and pee technique after years of having to use strange toilets. It is a universally known fact that male public toilet cubicles are less well cared for than female versions, good luck with that. Not that I don’t have sympathy but welcome to my world.

Trousers, no more tight fitting trousers or you just know people are going to notice. You don’t want to be walking around sporting an obvious bulge. So from now on when locked your wardrobe may have to change just a little.

Night wakenings are a normal part of being locked. Those morning erections you used to have, your body still wants them and will try for them at some really silly times in the morning. Not much you can do about that I’m afraid. Just make sure you have some lube to hand to help ease any burning. It is a good idea to keep lube to hand most of the time, just in case.

Things like bikes and exercise are also going to be something to be looked at slightly differently. Any contact sport is not a good idea when locked from a safety point of view. Just have a think before you jump into something, I can see horseriding being a bit of a trial.

Cleanliness is essential, you should make sure you have cotton buds etc to keep the inside of the device as clean and dry as possible – not the easiest thing to do when you are in a public toilet sitting down to pee, I know.

For all these little adjustments in your day to day chastity, you can be sure the effects are worth it ten times over. Enjoy, I know I enjoy thinking about these things when you are locked.