Male Chastity

Why I Like Male Chastity

It’s really not that hard to understand, I don’t think, why I like male chastity.  It puts me in control and gives me the power over when my chaste males may enjoy sexual release.

It also ensures that whilst they are locked that their frustration levels grow, they are focusing on me as the holder of that power and I love it.

I like male chastity because in these days of over sexualisation and pervasive images of females being at the beck and call of males, my life is the opposite.  My chaste males are at my beck and call.  I am bucking the current trend and I am the one with the power.

Truthfully, I don’t think about my chaste males every minute of every day, however many times a day I have a secret little smile on my face as I play with the key on my necklace.  I know that somewhere out there are guys who are waiting for my acknowledgement and my approval.

I don’t particularly need someone to lock for months at a time, just to make an effort to push themselves that little bit further.  To know that they are doing this because it pleases me, makes me happy.

Basically it is a complete power trip and one that I enjoy thoroughly.  There is nothing better than knowing when I see the picture of that padlock locked on a device, that it is mine.  I have the key however many miles away and short of taking bolt cutters to the lock, it is locked until I say otherwise.

Thoughts of my guys frustrated and focused are what makes it worthwhile.  It is surprising how many times a day that thought comes into my head.

I like male chastity because it lets me be in control, that I like.