Male Chastity

Lock Please

Lock Please.  Short and simple these words hold so much power.  I know when I send them that some will be excited and looking forward to a new adventure.  There are others who will groan and curse but still they will lock.

Thes words can arrive anytime, anyplace, anywhere (Martini anyone?) and they are words to be obeyed.  Usually I know what is happening in someones life when I have the option to lock them, I don’t often lock on a whim but it has been known.

Lock Please – does it put a shiver of anticipation down your spine or does it make your toes curl, maybe both?  For how long, who knows?  I never give an exact unlock time as I find that makes things way too easy for you.  I much prefer that aura of the unknown.

Isn’t it a lovely feeling, knowing you have given that power to someone and not knowing just when they are going to use it or for how long.  Will you be locked over the weekend?  What about going to work, maybe you have a night out planned?  My goodness, what if you meet a hot girl?  You better hope she doesn’t want to grab you by the balls, she may get a shock.  Try explaining that one away.

Lock Please makes you mine, for as long as I please and believe me it does please me.  So whether it is for 48hrs or 48 days, those two little words make you mine.