Male Chastity

Hogmanay Midnight Lock

Having worked all through Christmas, Mistress Jules has decided a Hogmanay Midnight Lock is called for. So to all you gentlemen out there looking to enjoy some chastity under the control of a Mistress, this is your chance. No charges, no fees, just instructions to follow to become locked for the New Year. Mistress Jules… Read More Hogmanay Midnight Lock


Custom Made Perfection

My custom made flogger is a rare and beautiful thing, so much so I thought I would write about it. I didn’t need another flogger, I had seen the ones @Leather-Man had made for a colleague and they were certainly beautiful but not my style. My colleague convinced me that if I spoke to the… Read More Custom Made Perfection

Male Chastity

Learning To Lock

How did you start learning to lock? I bet it started slowly, locking as you fantasised about a wicked keyholder teasing and denying you. You probably watched some porn, learning how to deal with frustration and the pain that can come with straining to grow whilst in chastity. How about that first night you locked,… Read More Learning To Lock

Male Chastity

He Is Mine

Not long now until I get to be with my slave Lockit (Patrick in the vanilla world) again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being in the dungeon and playing with people on line but none of them are mine. He is mine in both vanilla and kink worlds. He is mine as a man… Read More He Is Mine