Male Chastity

Help Build The Forums

I am not sure how much you know of my life but basically I have found myself to be a dominant woman who enjoys Male Chastity enormously. I now freelance as a professional dominatrix in my spare time and have a chastity slave who is also my lover.

During this time of discovery over the past year I have joined various sites and ended up starting my own website with a forum and chatroom.

It came to me this evening as I was checking out the sites that sometimes there is just nothing there for me. Posts and comments on the forums seem to be based on either sissification or devices, cuckoldry or photographs in the gallery. None of which interest me particularly.

So here I am, time on my hands and nothing to do with it. So I began to wonder how many of us find ourselves in this position? Male Chastity seems to be a fetish which is encompassed in many others but they are not always compatible for some people.

So if you are bouncing about the web looking to link with people who have the same kinks as you, it begins to look like a lost cause.

So what do you do? Well if you are me, you blog about it. Let others know that they are not the only ones who sometimes find things are not what they hoped for.

However what we must remember is – If you don’t post about what you are interested in then what makes you think someone else will?   If there are no posts on the forums about how he is hoping his Mistress will unlock him but knows he will hate it if she does – then what makes you think it will suddenly appear.

Don’t be a lurker, help build the forums, whichever ones you join, to become vibrant and all encompassing. Post and give others the chance to feel they are not alone.