Male Chastity

I Do Male Chastity, Do You?

I do male chastity, do you do male chastity?

There are many around the internet who claim they do male chastity, although I think the way they do it is slightly different from the way I do it.

I lock males into chastity devices. I control the key, they do nothing unless I give my permission. Well at least that is the intention. We all know that not everyone stays locked even when they are supposedly using my lock to which I hold the key. Ball trap devices are notorious for being less than totally secure, I know this and I accept that I may be part of a fantasy.

My life however is not a fantasy, I work in a dungeon as a professional Dominatrix, I have a chastity slave, his name in the fet world is lockit, he is mine. I lock him personally, whip him, tease him and get spoiled by him. He pleases me and pleasures me, this is my world, I do male chastity.

What irks me greatly is those who try to explain away why they don’t do male chastity. They don’t use a device, they are on the honour system – ha ha ha, we all know that guys find it almost impossible to keep their hands away from their cocks for any length of time. Then they start to mention how I could do things better, make my site better, make my online presence better etc. If that is what they think then feel free to open your own site. This site is run by a female, one of the only current ones out there that is for everyone.

I do male chastity in real life, I am a dominatrix in real life, I do male chastity the way I think it should be done. My way, in real life.

How do you do male chastity, or do you?