Male Chastity

Learning To Lock

How did you start learning to lock? I bet it started slowly, locking as you fantasised about a wicked keyholder teasing and denying you. You probably watched some porn, learning how to deal with frustration and the pain that can come with straining to grow whilst in chastity.

How about that first night you locked, I just know that was a completely different ballgame. What time of the morning did you waken up with that pesky nocturnal erection?

Learning to lock can be a lengthy process as you deal with fit, hygiene and control of the keys. Sometimes this process is too much and some call it a day at this point. Others find this an exciting part of learning to lock.

If you keep going the experience can grow exponentially, more locked time, more teasing and denial then hopefully a Mistress willing to take control of your chastity. The ultimate, a Mistress who will seek her pleasure whilst denying yours.

Learning to lock is not a quick process but it is a very rewarding one. So if you are looking to start the process, why not keep up with others doing the same on my forum. You may even catch me in the chat room.