Custom Made Perfection

My custom made flogger is a rare and beautiful thing, so much so I thought I would write about it.

I didn’t need another flogger, I had seen the ones @Leather-Man had made for a colleague and they were certainly beautiful but not my style. My colleague convinced me that if I spoke to the maker that he would ensure I got what I wanted.

So the next club night I asked about a flogger, I am sure he thought I was a nightmare. I went through every handle he had till I found one that I liked the feel of the wood. Once I found that, I wanted the shape of the handle changed, I needed it thinner and finer. No problem says @Leather-Man.

That however was only the start, I didn’t want suede falls, I wanted leather. I didn’t want thin soft leather, I wanted heavy hard leather. No wide falls either, half a centimeter maximum, preferably less. No problem says @Leather-Man.

Not content with that I wanted longer falls, at least 20 inches, possibly 24 inches. Oh, and I want it in purple and black leather. No problem says @Leather-Man.

I left him with those requirements and pretty much forgot about it, thinking I would at least have a spare flogger if I needed it. Ohhh how wrong I was.

Within a month, we were back at the club and my new flogger was brought for my inspection. Believe me I was not expecting much, what I got was pure perfection.

Perfect handle, beautiful and tactile the perfect size for me. The falls were a perfect length and have that harsh bite that I wanted. Who knew a flogger could be so wicked?

Cue immediate calling on slave and off to the St Andrews Cross to try out my new toy. I cannot tell you how exquisite this piece of equipment is. A pure joy to wield and the effect is an absolute dream to watch.

This is not a flogger for the fainthearted and will never be used by anyone else, this is mine and I love it.

@Leather-Man will hopefully be making all my new floggers, tawses etc – if he still wants to work with such a demanding client, I do hope he does.

This is custom made perfection and I couldn’t be happier.


(@Leather-Man is for Fetlife post – not twitter)