Male Chastity

The Chastity Christmas Party

The Christmas Party – Mistress Jules Style

You are all invited to my Chastity Christmas Party, as I will be at work on Christmas Day, I have decided to hold an all day party so I can still enjoy myself knowing you are all having fun.

I am happy for you all to enjoy this Christmas Party any day throughout the festive season as I know how difficult it can be for some to get any length of time to themselves.

So first let’s get ready – There will be no cumming throughout this party.

No self respecting person would go to a party without looking their best, so off you go. Shower or bath, shaving top and bottom, make sure all your bits are squeaky clean inside and out. Finish off with some moisturising lotion or oil, we don’t want you to shrivel to nothing do we? Whilst you are applying the moisturiser I think we can allow you a little edging just to get you in the party mood.

5 mins of edging with no cumming sounds like a good place to start.

Now it’s time to get dressed –

As this is my Chastity Christmas Party I expect all my males to be suitably dressed, that means chastity devices locked on. If you don’t have a chastity device then get it wrapped up in ribbon or bandage etc. No touching of that part of you from now on.

No underwear required, you may now get dressed as you would to attend a party.

Make sure you smooth down that shirt and that the trousers or skirt are smooth over your ass, I don’t want wrinkles at my party. Mmmmm what a nice thought, all you lovely guys dressing up for me. Ohh I think you could give your balls a little fondle just for me. Only a little one, don’t get too used to it.

Now we need music, lets have some sensual music that makes the whole world seem a better place. Choose your favourite tunes and set the mood. Go get a drink and some munchies if you wish.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy, enjoy the feeling of being locked for Mistress Jules.

Ohh but wait, we all know Mistress Jules is not that laid back. Of course, there is the list, you want to go find the things on the list now.

Nipple clamps/clothes pins


Butt Plug or something similar

Vibrating toy if you have one


Wooden Spoon

It’s a simple list, I am sure you can all find the contents or something similar in most homes.

Now the fun starts


How many hard swats of the wooden spoon can you take? Shall we find out?

How about holding the vibrating toy against the cage? Does that make you squirm? Ohh I do like that thought.

Then of course there is the butt plug, can you keep it in there nice and tight whilst you are spanking your ass? Maybe you could have a friend over and you could both join in. Don’t forget plenty lube.

Ohhh and those little nipples, just waiting to be teased. Don’t leave them clamped any more than 20 mins please. I feel better being safe.

Now lets all have some fun

Attach the clamps, insert the butt plug, spank your ass hard then sit on it as you apply toothpaste to your balls and put the vibrating toy against the cage.

Ohhh that thought is such a turn on, how many of you are squirming now I wonder?

Remember as your ass recovers you can always spank it some more, I would if I was there.

After 20 mins of this you may have a rest. Then repeat as often as you can.

I will be at my desk in my suit thinking of all you boys suffering just for me. I rather like that thought.

Happy Christmas Guys xxxx


Mistress Jules