Male Chastity

Hogmanay Midnight Lock

Having worked all through Christmas, Mistress Jules has decided a Hogmanay Midnight Lock is called for.

So to all you gentlemen out there looking to enjoy some chastity under the control of a Mistress, this is your chance. No charges, no fees, just instructions to follow to become locked for the New Year.

Mistress Jules will be at home on Hogmanay with her slave lockit by her side. Why not join in the fun and lock for the bells and start 2015 the way we intend continuing?

There are many out there looking to try male chastity under the control of a Mistress rather than self locking. This New Year I have decided to help as many as possible in their quest for proper chastity.

So join us and give me your chastity for the New Year, join in the Hogmanay Midnight Lock and enjoy the new sensations. Give me control of your orgasms, deny your release until I give you permission, enjoy that denial for as long as you can.

There is a new thread starting in the forum of my site, sign up there so we can see who you are and how many we have. Make your declaration now then join us on Hogmany and verify your locking. It looks like it’s going to be a great night.

The Hogmanay Midnight Lock – a chance for all to enjoy the control of a Mistress.