Male Chastity

Male Chastity Isn’t Easy

Male chastity isn’t easy as I am sure many of you know. It seems like a great idea and I know there are many out there who have fantasies involving a chastity device paired with a cruel and demanding Mistress.

This Mistress will demand that you are locked and denied, whilst teasing you with tasks and punishments designed to frustrate you even more. Your Mistress will laugh at your suffering and demand that you serve her in many ways to please and pleasure her. Male chastity isn’t easy and to get to this above situation will take a bit of practice.

Self locking is a good place to start, that’s right, lock yourself up and see how long you last. Most of you should be able to last quite a while, denying your orgasms is easy when you have a goal in sight.

Once you have managed a couple of weeks of self locking, you need to mix things up slightly. The biggest thrill in male chastity is when the control of your orgasms and therefore your device is taken away from you. This can take some getting used to.

The keys to your device should now start to be put outwith your control. One of the first ways I like to do this is to have them placed in a bottle of water and put in the freezer. This means that although you can get to them, it will take you a while. There are also the options of posting the keys to yourself or using a lockbox etc. This will go some way to preparing you for the ultimate test of your fantasy.

Did I tell you male chastity isn’t easy? This next step is where all bets are off. Give someone else control of your keys/device/lockbox etc. This can be done relatively easily with friends or others that you trust. Giving your keys to a Keyholder, who knows your fantasies however, that is a whole different ball game. When you have self locked, it is constantly on your mind and you know exactly what is happening to the keys. A Keyholder will have other things to do, they will not be available 24/7 to discuss how you feel or to reassure you that you will get through this.

What was that fantasy again? Oh yes, a cruel and demanding Mistress – she has control of your cock and you don’t know when you are getting the keys back or getting unlocked or even getting to orgasm. Fantasy is a bit different from reality and that is where the bolt cutters come in.

Male chastity isn’t easy, congratulations on even starting the journey. Keep at it, one day you will learn to enjoy that loss of control.