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Deep Heat Or Toothpaste?

Is it a tease or a torture? Being in control from a distance is a very strange thing, Male chastity is all about the sensations and being apart makes it a bit more difficult to tease.

However there are certain things that can be utilised, especially if you are on cam. Two of my favourites are deep heat and toothpaste. Applied to the balls whilst locked, both have a rather extreme effect, although I think the deep heat is more torturous than tease.

So with very little effort I can ensure that a lasting impression is made. It is such fun witnessing the writhing and groaning as the sensations of either heat or cold take over. Watching as bodies strain and surge, or in some areas, try to surge with the almost primal reactions.

So which do you think you would prefer – Deep Heat or Toothpaste? – Answers in the forum please.