Male Chastity

Spot The Difference

The Female View Of Male Chastity

“Oh Hell Yeah!”

“Ohhh, it makes him more attentive and tuned into my desires, so when I just want to hug and kiss and feel loved, I don’t have to have sex. I like this idea”

“I get to have him pay attention to me, he will actually do what pleases me in bed for a change”

“At last, something that puts me first instead of always having to hear how horny he is or what he wants”


The Male View Of Male Chastity

“Oh Hell Yeah!”

“I will pamper her and attend to her desires, she will enjoy teasing me about my inability to have sex and orgasms”

“I get to please her in bed and she gets to enjoy making me squirm by teasing and denying me”


“She will be so pleased at me giving up my orgasms for her and she will show it every day by teasing and denying