Mistress Jules Musings

Valentines Day Advice

It’s almost time for that day again. The day which can make you a hero or a villan in one fell swoop.

This is the day to show your lady how much you love and appreciate her. To show how much you care and make her feel she is the most special person in the world.

This is the day that can make and break relationships all over the world. Here is some pointers to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Firstly you must forget about what you want. This is nothing to do with your wants or desires, it is about making your partner feel loved and desired, showing that you care.

So no sexy lingerie because we all know this is not for her, it’s so you can see her wearing it. That means it is a present for you and we all know it.

The same goes for sex toys, sex games anything to do with sex. Just don’t go there, all it will do is show her that you only think of sex and how you will enjoy it more if she wears/plays with her new presents.

So, how many of you were thinking of giving her the keys to your device as a Valentines Day gift? Come on, own up, you were, weren’t you? Let me give you a piece of advice – don’t!

If your partner knows nothing about Male Chastity then it will be a nightmare. The present gets opened, she sees a key, she looks at you, bewildered, then you start to babble about locking up your cock. Valentines Day yet again has become about your desires and wants and all about the sex. Immediate turn off, which means immediate not listening to whatever you are spouting. Another year where she has to listen to her workmates/neighbours sharing the romance of the night out, the care taken in finding a present that was something she mentioned months ago. The one day a year when it should be all about what she wants, what she desires and it became all about you and some stupid kink of locking up your cock.

Valentines is the one day that you should not under any circumstances do anything that is remotely related to sex. Romance, flowers, all those romcom movies, that should be your inspiration, a gift to touch her heart and soul is what is needed. A gift of your time and attention with no expectation will be appreciated and if you can add a physical gift that is something she has desired for a long time then even better.

Please remember – something for the house is not a gift!! Something for your pleasure is not a gift!!

A gift is something to show she is loved and adored, something that shows you understand her, you know what she enjoys. Get that right and everything else is possible.