Chastity Six Nations Game

Chastity Six Nations

The first game kicks off tonight at 2005 hrs GMT. In preparation for the beginning of the Championship you will be locked please.

You will stay that way for the duration of the Championship unless you are allowed to unlock according to my instructions.

In this first game, I would advise you to look for a high scoring game. If the total points scored goes over 50 then you may unlock and do some edging. For every point scored over the 50 you will push yourself to the edge of orgasm and then stop. Repeat as necessary. If the points do not go over 50 then you would be advised to hope for a better score and the same rules tomorrow as you will be staying locked until the next opportunity presents itself.

Let me assure everyone that there is a possibility of an orgasm in this game as I do believe it is better to be able to be hopeful. So I hereby declare publicly that if Scotland win the Six Nations Rugby Championship then everyone may enjoy a full blown orgasm. Until then, well you just need to hope the points go your way.

Any unauthorised emissions are subject to cum tax of £10.