Disappointment At Club Pedestal

I was so looking forward to returning to Club Pedestal and seeing the new venue. If I tell you that we left the house at 10pm to go to the club and I am back there changed and writing this by 12.30 you may get an idea of how things went.

When we arrived everything seemed good, a lovely Dungeon Mistress called Pam came and spoke to me and made sure I knew where all the different areas were in the club.   So Lockit and I went for a little walk around to familiarise ourselves with the venue. After about half an hour we thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of fun.

We went to the main room looking to use the A frame which we had used the first time we had gone to the club. Unfortunately it was being used so we had to wait while the couple using it did some rather tame touchy feely stuff. Eventually we managed to get on the equipment.

As I had my most severe flogger with me we obviously started off rather gently which was just as well. Just as I was increasing the level of the blows, I felt something on my shoulder, I carried on and it happened again. It turns out some young female had decided to do some rather showy flogging behind me and I was getting hit every time she swung the flogger.

We decided to try the other side of the A Frame as when I mentioned that she was hitting me she just laughed and carried on. So again we settled Lockit on the A Frame and started where we had left off. This side seemed quieter as there was no one sitting to the side of where I was standing.

As I was flogging a group of five people walked towards us, obviously they could see what was happening but they still decided to walk on that side of the frame and shout out “excuse me, can we just get past” I stopped and took Lockit off the frame, there was no point in continuing.

I am absolutely furious that what is supposed to be a Femdom club for playing had no supervision at the play equipment and people just walked through an obvious scene. I spoke to a Dungeon Mistress to say how disappointed I was and was met with the standard – “sorry you feel like that”. As we left I also spoke to one of the organisers who tried to sound like she was interested but to say that she hates getting hit by someone else’s flogger would seem to suggest it is something that has happened before.   Funnily enough, this is the only fet club where I have had this happen to me.

My visit to London was specifically timed to coincide with Club Pedestal, I can assure you that it will not be again. This is not a fet club, it is a club where people go to play and experiment. If you are already in the scene then it probably isn’t for you, it most certainly is not for me.