Male Chastity

Where Will Male Chastity Take Me?

Sometimes I wonder just where this world of male chastity is going to take me. At present I enjoy most the chastising of an alpha male. That which is normally in control and a masculine presence in the world being under my control is what I enjoy.

It’s not that I don’t like the femininity of those who enjoy that side of things, however I am getting the impression that a lot of people think that is what happens with male chastity.

I know from personal experience that those alpha males who enjoy chastity are a rather silent group. They don’t post many pictures and they don’t post often in forums or groups.

However, because of that, those who post often about dressing up and feminisation can be seen as the face of male chastity and that would be wrong. There are many very powerful and masculine males who wish to give up that control when they are able. Whether it be at home, in a dungeon or just when they can. Unfortunately the predominance of feminisation in the online world of male chastity can give newbies a skewed perspective of what male chastity means.

Recently at my new job I was asked if I was into BDSM, I admitted I was. For some reason my workmates (all male) seemed to think that it was a non consensual thing. They would have to be “pinned down” for someone to “play” with them. I have never “pinned” anyone down, I have always been asked either to put them into chastity or enjoy some impact play.

In the same tone, even those who are in the scene seem to think that male chastity leads to feminisation. Not for me.

For me the best feeling in the world is to have an Alpha male do as I ask, just because I ask. That is what domination is all about as far as I am concerned.

Let me know what you think on the forum.