Mistress Jules Musings

Sometimes It’s Difficult

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep your dynamic going. No matter how much you try or how much you want it, sometimes it’s difficult.

There can be so many reasons that cause a dip in the enthusiasm, some obvious, some not so much. Bad day at work, family illness, kids screaming and sometimes just general bleugh. What to do when this happens?

There isn’t much you can do, if emotionally you are not able to get into the headspace required. Then sometimes the dynamic has to take a back seat, however sometimes it is not enough to say “I am just not feeling it”. If an agreement has been reached with both parties that there is a dynamic then efforts must be made.

If the submissive is not enthusiastic then it is up to the Dominant to know whether this is just a pout or a genuine emotional suffering. For pouting then sometimes it just needs a show of strength and a reaffirmation of the relationship for things to get back on an even keel.

If the Dominant is the one who seems lackadaisical then the submissive could try showing devotion in some small unobtrusive way, working up to showing a bit of devotion or submission to unobtrusively remind the Dominant that all can be well with just a look or a word.

Sometimes it’s difficult when real life interrupts a carefuly structured relationship. Small efforts however from the other can make things seem easier and more desirable in a very short time. This would hopefully lead to enjoyment of the dynamic again for both.

Dominant/submissive relationships whether through chastity, bdsm, femdom etc are all based very much on consent and power plays. It takes a strong team to make it work when things are not ideal, that team however becomes more powerful because of efforts made at this time.