Mistress Jules Musings

Lifestyle Control

Lifestyle Control – What does that mean to you?

For some it is the hope of better things, for others a flight of fancy turned to reality.

Just recently I have been lucky enough to have two wonderful gentlemen come to me for lifestyle control. I put this service on my site a long time ago, it wasn’t something I had thought much about apart from that I am a control freak, I like being in control.

Over the last couple of weeks I have realised that I REALLY like being in control. Not just for humiliation or domination but to work with someone to have fun, tease, play with and at the same time help them reach goals.

I have also realised that I take a great sense of pride when tasks have been completed or habits changed for the better.

Lifestyle control is something that suits me, I like it and I find it fun. Previously there was little thought had gone into it, other than, do as I wish, I am in control. Now I find it is a challenge and one I am happy to conquer. No more slobbing or procrastinating, let’s get out there and enjoy life and all the little kinky bits it brings with it.

This is soooo much fun, who knew? I didn’t but ohhh I am enjoying it. Maybe you would too.