Slight Problem With Forum

So here I am on a Saturday afternoon thinking I have nothing better to do than go fix the chat function on the forum.  So I go to the file manager of the website and decide it is much better to just take the chat out and then download the newest version and all will be well.

Obviously my web brain has deserted me today as I took out the whole forum instead of just the chat.  Cue mass panic and phone to the tech gurus.  It seems the gurus have weekends off which is not so good.  So we have no forum now until Monday when they will hopefully return the files I mistakenly deleted and we can get the forum back where it belongs.

I cannot believe I did this, what a stupid mistake.  Hopefully all will get back to where it should be on Monday and as for me – I think I shall go have a hot bath and avoid trying to do anything else technical today ha ha.

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