Lifestyle Control

Well, I am thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle control I am doing at the moment. My gentleman is absolutely devoted and spoils me so much. We are having fun just with little changes which are making a big difference to his life. He has just recently started an online course which I organised for him. He writes beautiful emails to me every morning and evening which really are very inspiring. How could I feel anything but cherished when I have a devotional email before I sleep and when I waken up?

So if you feel your life is too boring then why not sign up and have some fun? Give me control of some parts of your life to start with, then as time goes on if you can take the pace then we can arrange for more parts to come under my control.  You can start with or without chastity.

Be warned, I don’t do this for free, but I do enjoy it. You would be looking at a paltry £25 per week for me to take over the basics of your life. I don’t need identifiable details and you know it would be fun. So why not get in touch?

Oh unless your wardrobe is dreadful, then we may just have to bin it all and start again. I do like my gentlemen to be smart.