Mistress Jules Musings

Real Life

Isn’t it funny how you start something and it ends up taking you in a completely different direction from where you were originally heading?

Almost 2 years ago now, I became Jules. I went that direction having had male chastity mentioned to me and thinking it sounded very much like the kind of thing I would enjoy. The control freak in me would be satisfied by the lockdown and the feminist in me would be satisfied by the behaviour and attitude of chaste males.

Really I should have known better, you would think after all these years I would have realised how things would play out.

There are of course males who are looking to be locked and ensure that they treat their keyholder with respect and ensure they do as much as they can to keep her happy.

These are few and far between and little gems of light in the otherwise dark and murky world of pornography.

Believe me that is what male chastity is to the majority of males visiting websites. A way of sharing fantasies and photos with each other as they think of ever more outlandish ideas of what their “keyholder” would do to them. Basically wank fodder which follows their particular fetish/kink. Any females who are about on these sites are pretty much seen as facilitators of the fantasies.

There are some actual females who actually live the lifestyle on some websites, they are few and far between and are becoming less as the fetish gains popularity. Whereas before there was respect for the ladies and their domination, now they are getting harassed by newcomers wanting to get off on any interaction with a female. Requests for information on how they tease their own chaste male, questions about how they would tease someone else, being regaled with stories of what the supposed keyholder did to these guys sexually. It’s all just another area of pornography really.

This wasn’t what I originally signed up for and to be honest I find it pretty distasteful. Then again with the sexualisation of everything from cars to milk, did I really think a sexual fetish was going to be different?

Luckily I found real life domination, as in living the lifestyle, becoming a professional dominatrix, joining local clubs etc. This is where real chastity happens and it is a wonderful place.

So that is why I have decided that actually I like my little website. It’s not the most popular in the world, but that’s ok. You see mine is still run by me, a real life female and real life dominatrix. My site runs by my rules, just as my life does. There will never be a gallery, this site is not for pornography, it is for me. A place where I can chat to people and message them and they know not to ask about certain things and they know not to post about certain things.

Although not the only male chastity website run by a female, I like to think it is the only male chastity website controlled by a female. One where other females would feel safe to appear and have some fun.

So if you are looking for wank fodder, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a community run by someone who is in the lifestyle and happy to chat about everyday life including and excluding male chastity, then welcome.