Male Chastity

What Can You Offer A Keyholder?

At last you think you have found her, your very own Keyholder. The next thing you should be thinking is what can you offer a Keyholder?

If it is an online affair, this lady is going to email you, take control of your orgasms, tell you when you can cum and when you cannot.   This lady will tease you and give you tasks, she will punish you when you need it and reward you if you do well. Your Keyholder will be the person who controls that most intimate part of you, so what can you offer a Keyholder?

Oh I know, you can send her pics of you punishing yourself, or of you all locked up nice and snug. You can send emails telling her how horny you are because of her ministrations, how much you want to cum. You could even post on a website or forum to let everyone know how wonderful she is. Your Keyholder will know your devotion in every word and action as you wait with baited breath for your next instruction.

Unfortunately females are not overly impressed with pictures of locked dicks, nor are they happy that the main reason for contact is so you can be teased or punished.

An online affair gives very little to the Keyholder, there are no footrubs, no chores, no secret notes and no physical manifestations of your devotion. You can’t even take her for a cup of coffee. So what can you offer a Keyholder in a purely online affair.

Gifts are the only way you can spoil your Keyholder or let her know that she is more to you than your personal porn star.

If you had a girlfriend you would take her out for dinner, coffee, cinema etc. So why not offer your online Keyholder the same respect?

There are so many guys looking for a Keyholder and they all want that magical being, the one who does it because she enjoys it. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, then think just what can you offer a Keyholder? Let her know that you wouldn’t expect her to give all that time to your sexual fantasy without you giving her some special treats in return. You wouldn’t expect it in real life so why expect it online.

To be a good Keyholder takes hours getting to know someone and what makes them tick. Only then can you enjoy the fullest extent of what the fabulous world of Male Chastity has to offer. It seems only fair that the efforts made by a Keyholder are appreciated.