Male Chastity

Looking At Chastity Devices

In the interest of the site and my education I thought I would reacquaint myself with the world of chastity devices. So off I went to Uberkinky to look at their chastity devices for men.

It started off fine with all things looking pretty normal as far as male chastity devices go. Then I saw the Kalis Teeth, now that is a fun piece of kit, I may just have to get one for educational purposes I think.

Not something to be worn for any length of time but something that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

I carried on browsing checking out silicone, plastic and steel devices in all manner of shapes and sizes. Steel is definitely my preference I think. Almost at the end of the pages available I was quite happy that there was nothing there to surprise me.

Then OMG!!! Have you seen that thing called Mikes Spikes???? That is torturous, evil and absolutely something I have to have for my box of toys in the dungeon. It scares even me ha ha.

So gentlemen, if you are thinking of visiting me in my Dungeon and misbehaving, you may want to remember that shall be part of my bag of tricks soon.